1411 West Diamond Valley Dr
Saint George, Utah 84770
T: 435.574.2009
F: 435.574.2013


Mrs. Lopez

Visit Mrs. Lopez’s website at: http://sites.google.com/a/dves.washk12.org/mrs-t-turner/

Mrs. Lopez’s email: trisha.lopez@washk12.org

Trisha Lopez was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nv.  She moved to St. George in 1996 after her husband passed away.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Dixie State College in 2007 with an ESL Endorsement.   Mrs. Lopez had wanted to teach since she was five years old and enjoys what she does.  When she is not teaching, she enjoys traveling, swimming, and hiking.   She married the love of her life in 2013. Every trip she and her husband take together they try a new experience like kayaking or zip lines.

Here is a list of her favorite things:

Favorite candy/treat: Reese’s                                    

Favorite cookie: Girl Scout Thin Mint

Favorite pie: Coconut Cream                                      

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate Chip Mint

Favorite snack: Jerky                                                

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite store to shop at: Wal-Mart                            

Favorite author: Rick Warren 

Favorite drink: Anything blueberry/pomegranate            

Favorite sport: Swimming

Favorite fast food place: Wendy’s                              

Favorite type of food: Mexican

Favorite restaurant: Cafe Rio                                      

Favorite flower/plant: Anything Purple

Favorite musical/artist: Casting Crowns / Christian Music

Favorite Children’s book/author: The Little Match Girl / Hans Christian Anderson                 

Favorite movie/Actor/Actress: Overboard / Brad Pitt / Goldie Hawn