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Support Staff

Denise Stewart : Reading Paraprofessional

Denise Stewart | Reading Paraprofessional

My Email: denise.stewart@washk12.org

I love to read! In my spare time, that is my activity of choice. That is why I love my job as a  WIN time paraprofessional. I want to teach children reading strategies so they love to read as much as I do. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and teach an introductory class in Interior Design at DSU. I have 3 children. A daughter who is 23, a son who is 20, and a son who is 9. I love being their mother. I live with my husband in Dammeron Valley.--

Denise Stewart

Madison Uasi : Reading Paraprofessional

Madison Uasi | Reading Paraprofessional

My Email: madison.uasi@washk12.org

Debbie Mosher : Reading Paraprofessional

Debbie Mosher | Reading Paraprofessional

My Email: debra.mosher@washk12.org

Joanna Snow : Reading Paraprofessional

Joanna Snow | Reading Paraprofessional

My Email: joanna.snow@washk12.org

Monica Murset : Reading Paraprofessional

Monica Murset | Reading Paraprofessional

My Email: monica.murset@washk12.org

Raelene Murdock : Head Custodian

Raelene Murdock | Head Custodian

My Email: raelene.murdock@washk12.org

Will Hall : Custodian

Will Hall | Custodian

My Email: william.hall@washk12.org

Stephanie Lay : ESL Paraprofessional

Stephanie Lay | ESL Paraprofessional

My Email: stephanie.lay@washk12.org

Shayla Erickson : Speech Therapist

Shayla Erickson | Speech Therapist

My Email: shayla.erickson@washk12.org

Michelle Langston : Special Education Paraprofessional

Michelle Langston | Special Education Paraprofessional

My Email: michelle.langston@washk12.org

Emily Mattson : Speech Paraprofessional

Emily Mattson | Speech Paraprofessional

My Email: emily.mattson@washk12.org

Jennifer Bulkley : Wellness Center

Jennifer Bulkley | Wellness Center

My Email: jennifer.bulkley@washk12.org

Eric Pelton : Computer Technician

Eric Pelton | Computer Technician

My Email: eric.pelton@washk12.org

Rachel Morley : School Psychologist

Rachel Morley | School Psychologist

My Email: rachel.morley@washk12.org

Kathy Bingham : PM Kindergarten Teacher and Reading Interventionist

Kathy Bingham | PM Kindergarten Teacher and Reading Interventionist

My Email: kathryn.bingham@washk12.org

More about Mrs. Bingham: Click here

Michele D’Avignon : Counselor

Michele D’Avignon | Counselor

My Email: michele.davignon@washk12.org

I am so excited to be the new counselor at Diamond Valley Elementary School and cannot wait to learn more about the students. I have been teaching at Lava Ridge Intermediate School in Santa Clara since 2006. During my time there, I had the pleasure of teaching 6th grade language arts, social studies, math support, and study skills for special education, English as a Second Language (ESL), and at-risk students. I graduated from Dixie State University in Elementary Education with an endorsement in ESL in 2007. I went on to get my Special Education license from Southern Utah University in 2009. I was the ESL coordinator at Lava Ridge for three years, and I taught the ESL endorsement class for educators in the district for two years. But my greatest desire was to counsel students who needed extra assistance at school. In 2015, I began my Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in School Counseling at Utah State University. Along with being the counselor in Diamond Valley on Tuesdays and Fridays, I counsel students at Enterprise Elementary on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, I teach an English class for adults who are learning English as another language at Southwest Adult High School in St. George. If that was not enough...I am working on getting certified to be a screener for students who are dyslexic. This does not leave a lot of free time for my two children. My son, Robert, is a senior this year at Snow Canyon High School, and my daughter, Sophia, is in 9th grade at Snow Canyon Middle School. I enjoy hiking with my best friend and hanging out with family and friends. I look forward to work with your students this year!

Shannon Bearden : Mild/Moderate Special Ed Teacher

Shannon Bearden | Mild/Moderate Special Ed Teacher

My Email: shannon.bearden@washk12.org

Alva Jones : Head Kitchen Staff

Alva Jones | Head Kitchen Staff

My Email: alva.jones@washk12.org

Jody Carter : Kitchen Staff

Jody Carter | Kitchen Staff

My Email: jody.carter@washk12.org

JoAnn Balen : Reading Paraprofessional

JoAnn Balen | Reading Paraprofessional

My Email: joann.balen@washk12.org

Jennie Lecheminant : Special Ed Paraprofessional

Jennie Lecheminant | Special Ed Paraprofessional

My Email: jennie.lecheminant@washk12.org

Kris Cleveland : Custodian

Kris Cleveland | Custodian

My Email: kris.cleveland@washk12.org

Leslie Vasquez-Hunt : 3rd Grade Teacher and ESL Coordinator

Leslie Vasquez-Hunt | 3rd Grade Teacher and ESL Coordinator

My Email: leslie.vasquezhunt@washk12.org

More about Mrs. Vasquez-Hunt Click here

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