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Community Council

Community Council meetings are as follows:

 October 6th, December 14th, February 15th and March 29th in the DVES library. Any further dates and times to be determined by the 2016-17 Community Council and will be posted at least one week before scheduled meeting.

We welcome any interested parent of a student at DVES to join our community council. At the beginning of each year, members who have served for three years, are thanked for their service and their seat is open to election.  Just fill out the nomination form that is sent home with the students and emailed to parents, and we will include your name in the election process.

For the 2016-2017 school year we do not need to fill any seats for our community council. However, we would love to see any interested parents at our meetings. Please call Daniel Trimble at 574-2009 if you have any questions about our community council. 


206-17 minutes

Community Council Agenda


In attendance:

Amanda Roberts, Greg Hoff, Megan Thomas, Darlene Tanner, Daniel Trimble, Penny Butterfield, Paul Forcier, Jessica Elgin


Questions and comments

  • Reading achievement plan?revisit at February meeting
  • ALP will be held at the school next year- parent meeting will be held in the Spring to determine carpools for those who are interested
  • Assessment data is available for those who are interested in Utah Data Gateway
  • New counselor will be starting in January.  Aaron ______.  We will have him for two days per week.
  • PTO has some money that could be used for teacher requests


Appoint a secretary

Motion by Jessica Elgin, seconded by Megan Thomas, unanimous vote

  • Darlene Tanner


Discuss digital citizenship requirement

  • Community Council must be aware of systems and configuration and give recommendations if needed
  • Internet safety program through the state, NetSmarts, is given to all students each year.  This has been done by Kayla Alldredge this year.
  • Add etiquette component- have the counselor do this in January.  Students can be taught about being kind on email, manners about communicating with others.


Review budget for current year

  • Instructional aides
  • Music teacher
  • There is about $4000 of unused funds for this year.


Discuss unused funds in current budget

  • $4000 not used with aides- Some funding was paid by the District


Discuss possible uses for unused funds and amendment to current plan.

  • Safety issues- signage for drop off and pick up, handheld stop signs
    • exterior cameras- District is working on this
    • lights in back of the school- District is working on this
    • LED bulbs in existing lights- District is working on this
  • Technology- more classroom chromebooks
  • Tables and benches for playground
  • Field Trips

Vote on amendment to plan

-Motion by Penny Butterfield, seconded by Jessica Elgin, unanimous vote


#1- Safety issues on the roundabout- approx. $500

#2- Field trips- $900-   $150 per grade level K-5

#3- Chromebooks- remainder of fund


Discuss plan for 2017-2018 school year with possible increase of STL budget.

-Top priority is aides for classrooms- would like to keep the same number as this year.  We may have to put in more money depending on what the District pays for.

-Music teacher


Oct. 26th, 2015
Last meeting: Went over Trust Lands requirements and training

Carryover from last year- $2,136.00

Total budget for this year- $22,319.00

Instructional aides are about $9,000 for a part time position

    Add a math aide?

    Dahlia Wilhite has picked up some aide hours in addition to her PE hours - is helping with math but mostly reading at this time

    Half time music teacher with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson grant- $7,000.00 for the year

    Musical instruments have been donated and also paid for by the PTO

Field Trip money- new budget item for 2015-16


         $100 per grade level 1-5

         Teachers can determine how to use the money

Discussed SAGE scores

    Money from PTO will be combined with Trust Lands fund $2,009.00 to hire an aide for math

    12-15 hours per week- maybe afternoons to help with 3-5th grade RTI and lower grade small group instruction

    Mr Trimble will open the job position

    First in Math as an option especially for grades K-2

Mr Trimble will create an addendum adding the field trip funding and the possibility of funding First in Math for 1st and 2nd grade math intervention.

Next year may include grade 1-2 Advanced Learning Program

Dan Trimble

Paul Forcier

Amanda Roberts

Bethany Twitchell

Penny Butterfield

Darlene Tanner

Due to illnesses and scheduling difficulties for the majority of council members this meeting was canceled.  The main focus of the meeting was to vote to approve a plan for the 2017-18 school year.  Mr. Trimble email out a copy of the plan to all council members and all but one member was able to review the plan and voted to approve the plan.  The council's approval emails were printed and are available for review in Mr. Trimble's office.  The plan was submitted for School Board approval on 4/10/17.

School Plan


Rules of Order and Procedure

Funding Received:

Diamond Valley EL Funding



Projected for 2017-2018

Funding for 2016-2017

Funding for 2015-2016

Funding for 2014 – 2015





Funding for 2013 – 2014 $18,795
Funding for 2012 – 2013 $12,738
Funding for 2011 – 2012 $12,054
Funding for 2010 – 2011 $10,876
Funding for 2009 – 2010 $13,270
Funding for 2008 – 2009 $17,075
Funding for 2007 – 2008 $17,633
Funding for 2006 – 2007 $12,122
Funding for 2005 – 2006 $8,053
Funding for 2004 – 2005 $6,909
Funding for 2003 – 2004 $6,352
Funding for 2002 – 2003 $5,450
Funding for 2001 – 2002 $3,713
Funding for 2000 – 2001 $3,190