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STEAM Exploration classes are a huge part of what we do at Diamond Valley Elementary! This is a staple of our culture and our students love to participate in these hands-on learning activities. STEAM Explo classes are held each week on Fridays. Every student in the 1st-5th grade selects an Explo class to attend. Every teacher and paraprofessional, as well as the counselor, principal, learning coach, specials teachers, kitchen cooks, and other staff take turns teaching Explo classes. Each person that teaches an Explo class plans a six-week course that they teach each Friday. At the end of the six week session, students select a new Explo class to attend. Students get to complete 4 rounds of Explo each year.

STEAM Explo classes are designed to be hands-on learning experiences and to utilize the Engineering and Design process as much as possible.  Examples of Explo classes are: Lego League robotics, painting, coding, rocket building, book and an art project, chop art, yearbook committee, school newscast movie making, leadership, track & field data tracking, 3-D printing, and so much more.