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Student Handbook

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports


We are a PBIS school. We have three main PBIS structures in our school:

1- Diamondback Diner where students earn rewards, as a  class, for using awesome etiquette at lunchtime.

2- Brag Tags that students earn throughout  the year and get to wear on their school lanyard each Friday. Brag tags can be earned for  achievements in academics, positive behavior, and participation in several different school-wide events

3- Dexter’s Dynamic Diamondbacks (also known as the Principal’s 100 Club). Students who are “caught” by school faculty and staff members demonstrating the school rules (be safe, be responsible, be respectful) can receive a red Diamondback ticket. The student is then invited to come to the office to receive both a prize from the prize drawer, and add their name to the Principal’s 100 club poster in the front office. Once all 100 slots are filled, Dr. Yost has a party with these 100 “dynamic” students! 


(for the disobedience of school rules) 

We Believe all students can behave appropriately while at school. We also believe that every student has the right to learn, and that teachers have the right to teach. We will not allow any student to prevent other students from learning or to stop the teacher from teaching. 

1st Citation: Warning. 

Student’s teacher calls student’s parent, citation is completed and recorded.

2nd Citation: Student loses 15 minutes of valued time.

Student’s teacher calls student’s parent, citation is completed and recorded.

3rd Citation: Student loses 30 minutes of valued time.

Student’s teacher calls student’s parent, citation is completed and recorded. 

4th Citation: Student spends ½ day in “In-School suspension” held in a specified class room or office.

Student’s teacher calls to schedule a Parent/Teacher/Principal meeting, citation is completed and recorded. 

5th Citation: Student spends 1 full day in Suspension 

Principal calls home to schedule a Parent/Teacher/Principal meeting, citation is completed and recorded.


Students should not have in their possession medication of any kind. However, the administration of prescription medications to pupils by school personnel will be permitted with a current prescription and a signed doctor request form. (Available on the WCSD website under  “School Forms”) All medications are stored in a locked cabinet, and a record is kept of all medications given. 


DVES utilizes 1:1 technology for our students. Students will regularly utilize Schoology, a learning management system, as a major tool for their day-to-day learning. Students are required to adhere to the Technology Use Agreement at all times and will be responsible for  any damage caused by negligent care. 

STEAM Exploration Classes

On Fridays, from 11:15-11:55, students get the opportunity to attend a six-week STEAM Explo class of their choosing. These classes are full of hands-on activities focusing on at least one aspect of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Music, or Math. Students who do not complete class and homework assignments throughout the week go to study hall in the library until they can complete their work, and miss their opportunity for STEAM Explo class.


Diamond Valley is a closed campus school. During school hours, all doors are locked except the front doors to the school. Visitors must check-in with the office before entering the school. Additionally, all gates are locked during school hours to keep unauthorized persons from entering the school campus.

Each month throughout the year our school participates in at least one school-wide safety drill, including: fire/evacuation, lock-down, reunification, lock-out, and earthquake drills.


Diamond Valley Elementary School has adopted the Washington County School District’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. Zero tolerance means no warnings will be given concerning fighting, play-fighting, harassment of any kind, drugs, weapons, or any violation of the safe school policy.

The following behaviors will not be tolerated and the consequences shall be to suspend or expel students for any of the following violations of basic rules of acceptable conduct including:

1- Frequent or flagrant willful disobedience, defiance of proper authority, or disruptive behavior. This includes the use of foul, profane, vulgar, or abusive language.

2- Willful destruction or defacing of school property.

3- Behavior or threatened behavior that poses a threat to the welfare, safety, or morals of  other students or school personnel or to the operation of the school.

4- Bullying or Cyberbullying (doing something against the will of another, or forcing another to do something against his/her will) including, but not limited to, the following behaviors: coercion, bribery, intimidation, threats, teasing, emotional, physical, or sexual harassment, etc.

5- Behavior that threatens harm or does harm to the school property, to a person associated with the school, or property associated with any such person, regardless of where  it occurs. 


Children should not bring nuisance items to school. This includes: water guns or any type of guns or ammunition real or pretend. Knives, matches, lighters, toys, electronic devices and games, etc. If these items are brought to school (unless under the direction of a teacher), they will be confiscated.


In addition to learning academics at DVES, we are committed to helping students develop their Social and Emotional skills. Occasionally, students (and adults) need a few minutes to take a break and de-escalate from the pressures surrounding them. DVES has a dedicated  space for students to go so they can learn how to effectively self-regulate their emotions. This place is the Wellness Center. If students are feeling stress or anxiety or getting frustrated, they are able to go to the Wellness Center where they can practice healthy coping skills and learn to calm down on their own instead of allowing their behavior to escalate and cause a negative disruption to the rest of the class in adverse ways. The Wellness Center is available to all students throughout the school day.  


Washington County School District dress code policy states: “Students have the responsibility to avoid apparel that causes a distraction or disruption, interrupting school decorum and adversely affecting the educational process. Students must also avoid apparel that is offensive, represents a risk, or threatens student safety.”

Students are to follow this policy, in part, by adhering to these guidelines: 

  1. Clothes that are mutilated or immodest are not appropriate for school. Any apparel revealing a bare midriff or bare shoulders, or cut low under the arms, is not permissible,  including when raising arms. Tank tops, without a covering garment or t-shirt underneath are not permissible. Sleeveless shirts must cover from the neck to the outside of  the shoulder. 
  2. Dresses, shorts, skirts, and blouses should be modest in length and not revealing.
  3. No gang-related attire will be permitted. 
  4. Clothing attachments or accessories which could be considered weapons are not allowed. 


We are proud of our beautiful building and grounds. Students are expected to maintain pride in the school by not littering the grounds and by not defacing or damaging school property.  Roller blades, inline blades, roller skates, skateboards, and bicycles are not to be used on the school campus at any time. Bicycles are to be parked in the bike rack. Bikes must be walked  off the school grounds when entering or leaving the school grounds.

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In partnership with family and community, we encourage and guide all learners to actively develop meaningful academic, social, and emotional skills for lifelong success.

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