Kathy Bingham : Reading Interventionist

Kathy Bingham | Reading Interventionist

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Joann Balen : Reading Paraprofessional

Joann Balen | Reading Paraprofessional

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Marlene Cazier : Reading Paraprofessional

Marlene Cazier | Reading Paraprofessional

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Monica Murset : Reading Paraprofessional

Monica Murset | Reading Paraprofessional

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Denise Stewart : Reading Paraprofessional

Denise Stewart | Reading Paraprofessional

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I love to read! In my spare time, that is my activity of choice. That is why I love my job as a  WIN time paraprofessional. I want to teach children reading strategies so they love to read as much as I do. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and teach an introductory class in Interior Design at DSU. I have 3 children. A daughter who is 23, a son who is 20, and a son who is 9. I love being their mother. I live with my husband in Dammeron Valley.

Rachel Wittig : Reading Paraprofessional

Rachel Wittig | Reading Paraprofessional

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James Burton : Spanish Paraprofessional

James Burton | Spanish Paraprofessional

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Leslie Vasquez-Hunt : Fifth Grade Teacher and ESL Coordinator

Leslie Vasquez-Hunt | Fifth Grade Teacher and ESL Coordinator

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Stephanie Lay : ESL Paraprofessional

Stephanie Lay | ESL Paraprofessional

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Joanna Snow : Wellness Center Paraprofessional

Joanna Snow | Wellness Center Paraprofessional

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Joanna Snow was born in Germany and was raised there for part of her childhood. She has also lived in Minnesota, Nevada, Colorado, California and finally settled in Southern Utah 12 years ago. She loves being surrounded by the beautiful red rocks and the beautiful sunshine. Joanna has her bachelors degree in Psychology. She has worked with children almost her whole life and loves being able to help children every day. 

Raelene Murdock : Head Custodian

Raelene Murdock | Head Custodian

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Krystal Hall : Custodian

Krystal Hall | Custodian

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Will Hall : Custodian

Will Hall | Custodian

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Alva Jones : Head Kitchen Staff

Alva Jones | Head Kitchen Staff

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Jody Carter : Kitchen Staff

Jody Carter | Kitchen Staff

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Kris Cleveland : Kitchen Staff

Kris Cleveland | Kitchen Staff

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