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STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  People often wonder what the big idea of STEAM is all about since most all schools teach at least some of all the STEAM subjects. The difference is the focus of a STEAM school is on integrating all of the subjects – making the learning more hands-on and applicable to real-life. For example, instead of teaching subjects in isolation, students in a STEAM classroom are now using Technology to read and write about Science and Math content during Language Arts time. During Math and Science time, students are able to demonstrate their learning of concepts through the use of Engineering and Arts-based projects.

Thus, in a STEAM classroom, teachers are able to teach all of the Utah core standards in a meaningful and engaging way because they are continuously planning cross-curricular lessons and units that make the learning hands-on, applicable to real-life, and fun. One way they are able to do this effectively is by regularly involving students in The Engineering and Design Process.


STEM and STEAM are based on the same underlying principles of integrating cross-curricular subjects throughout all lessons and units to make learning more hands-on and applicable to real-life.  The only difference between the two is the letter “A” which stands for Arts.


Diamond Valley Elementary is a STEM Platinum school, recognized by the Utah STEM Action Center and the Utah Board of Education. However, even though we are recognized as a “STEM” school, we prefer to consider ourselves a “STEAM” school because of the equal priority we give to integrating the Arts into our curriculum.  While the Utah STEM Action Center does not have the “A” in their title, they are in full support of the Arts and have their own partnerships with statewide Arts organizations.


Diamond Valley Elementary is proud to have strong music program. We offer a music class for all students that lasts 30-45 minutes per week because of our partnership with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP). In addition, we offer a school Show Choir before school for any interested 3rd-5th grade students. Furthermore, we provide several art class sessions throughout the year during our STEAM Exploration classes held on Friday afternoons during school. Finally, our school has an annual art contest and talent show that provide our students with opportunities to showcase their talents in the arts.