Stephanie Williamson : Computer Lab Paraprofessional

Stephanie Williamson | Computer Lab Paraprofessional

My Email: stephanie.williamson@washk12.org

I am a veteran, a wife, and a future teacher for Washington County. I came from the heartlands and rolling hills of Tennessee. My favorite things to do involve eating and enjoying all cuisines, exploring wild terrains and national/state parks, and cooking/baking from-scratch dishes. When summer break rolls around, I love devoting my time to volunteer causes for veterans, the elderly, and shelter animals. Personal growth is my top value, and I strive to be a better person every day. I hope to instill this value in the current and future children that I teach. 

Sarah Sandberg : PE Paraprofessional

Sarah Sandberg | PE Paraprofessional

My Email: sarah.sandberg@washk12.org

Landon Sharp : PE Teacher

Landon Sharp | PE Teacher

My Email: landon.sharp@washk12.org

Ethen Shenfeld : PE Paraprofessional

Ethen Shenfeld | PE Paraprofessional

My Email: ethen.shenfeld@washk12.org

Kirk Jones : Music Teacher

Kirk Jones | Music Teacher

My Email: kirk.jones@washk12.org

Music website:  Click here.

Kirk Jones is glad to work at Diamond Valley ES and has worked here since 2015 when hired with the BTS arts grant.  He also teaches at Horizon ES.  He says, "I have the best job!  I enjoy the school team and the students.  It's great to see the students create and grow musically."  
Kirk and his wife Katrina have 5 children: Amelia, Sariah, Isaiah, Talea, and Bria.  Kirk is a native of St. George area. 

Barbara Wittwer : Librarian

Barbara Wittwer | Librarian

My Email: barbara.wittwer@washk12.org

I am proud to say that I'm a true Diamondback librarian who placed every book on the library shelves when this school opened in 1997. 
As the years fly by I think of all the children I have read stories to, maybe you were one of them. Now I am getting to know the children of our former Diamondback students... the second generation which brings me great joy. Especially since two of them are my grandchildren, Lincoln and Violet Tanner! 
I am married to Jeff Wittwer, a lifetime Santa Clara resident. We have many hobbies together such as yard work, hiking, kayaking, motorcycles, road trips and more. 
I have the sweetest daughter ever, Jasmine Tanner, and an extended family of four more wonderful grown kids. Together we have a total of 10 beautiful grandchildren.
We have chickens that lay us fresh eggs every day. I don't own horses and dogs anymore but they are still my favorite animals. 

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