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Dual Immersion is 1st-12th

Spanish DLI begins in 1st grade and continues through the rest of elementary school. After elementary school, DLI students continue in the program in intermediate school (6-7), middle school (8-9), and high school (10-12). Spanish DLI students have the opportunity to earn a bi-literate/bi-lingual certificate in high school and receive prestigious recognition at their high school graduation.  In addition, they can complete college credits in the Spanish language throughout high school so they can earn a college minor in the language by the time they graduate from high school.


At Diamond Valley, there are two DLI classes on each grade level, grades 1-5. One class is comprised of regular ed students (like other DLI schools in our district) and the other is comprised of identified High Ability Learners that are in the High Ability Reader Program (HAR) in 1st grade, or Advanced Learning Program (ALP) in 2nd-5th grades. Students in the HAR/ALP classes attend our school from all over the county, from Hurricane to Bloomington and Ivins to Little Valley and everywhere in between.

Watch the video below that highlights both the HAR/ALP program as well as the Spanish DLI program at Diamond Valley Elementary.